Mercy Podiatrist Dr. Kelly Geoghan Discusses “Four Foot Woes You Shouldn’t Ignore” On WBAL-TV11’s “Woman’s Doctor”

With sandal and flip-flop season approaching, doctors said there are some foot problems that shouldn’t be ignored.

Ileana Luciani said she loves her high heels and wears them often, but they don’t always love her back. She’s dealing with several foot issues.

“I have bunions on my right foot, and that’s affecting the toe right next to it and my pinkie toe, and I have lots of calluses,” she said.

According to Mercy podiatrist Dr. Kelly Geoghan, Luciani’s bunions are causing several issues such as corns and calluses.

“These calluses have developed just from the decreased range of motion,” Dr. Geoghan said. “It’s the body’s way of protecting itself — protecting that skin. So, instead of creating blisters or ulcers, the dead skin cells build up and create that callus.”

They can be shaved down at a doctor’s office, but there are also home remedies.

“Use a pumice stone and a moisturizing agent — even wrap the feet in Saran wrap and wear socks at night to keep the moisture in,” Dr. Geoghan said.

Though the answer for Luciani may be surgery to correct the bunion that’s at the root of the problem, doctors said there is a different solution to most foot woes.

“There’s so much we can do about discomfort of the feet, and I love high heels, too — everything in moderation. I do want my patients to be able to wear the shoes they love, within reason,” Dr. Geoghan added.